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Chiropractic Adjustments
What is a chiropractic adjustment?
A chiropractic adjustment is the primary form of care offered by chiropractors. Delivered with the hands or a hand-held instrument, chiropractic adjustments add a precise amount of energy at the right time and in the right place to specific spinal bones to improve spinal alignment and reduce nervous system interference.
What does a chiropractic adjustment feel like?
It feels great! It can be as subtle as a small “push” on specific spinal segments. Chiropractors are familiar with a variety of adjusting techniques and attempt to use the least amount of energy possible to produce the desired effect of better spinal alignment.
What is the “popping” sound that adjustments make?

The popping sound is created by the shifting of the lubricating fluid and gas in a spinal joint. Think of it as the release of pressure that accompanies the opening of a can of soda or a bottle of champagne.

Are there side effects or risks associated with chiropractic adjustments?

Few. In fact, most side effects are positive effects!

Certain critics of chiropractic care will raise the issue of vertebral arterial dissection and the complications of stroke associated with getting a neck adjustment. Even after an extensive review of the scientific literature, only a handful of documented cases of this phenomenon can be found among many millions of chiropractic patients. Moreover, many of these instances are the result of neck manipulations delivered by poorly trained non-chiropractors.

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